We provide digital solutions ready-to-use to
businesses from a broad range of industries.

Adopting digital innovation has become a necessity for organizations,
to increase employee productivity and for better customer experience.
This need is driving all companies, across industries to focus on digital transformation
by modernizing their legacy systems and providing with anytime,
anywhere access to corporate data, securely.


Best Practice Box

Idea to Innovation to Best Practice

“Best Practice Box” digital solution to identify, centralize and share your organisation’s best practices.

Identification and replication of Best Practices will provide great benefit to any enterprise and assist it to achieve its goals of standardisation and efficiency. This also provides recognition of innovation, providing a boost in morale for the individuals and/or teams responsible. This also provides recognition of innovation, providing a boost in morale for the individuals and/or teams responsible.



Achieve operational excellence

Cmystore enables all types of retailers to simplify operational processes, from promotion and permanent execution to back office management, to ensure a consistent customer journey.

With Cmystore, store-level insight always at their fingertips, retailers can spot trends, stop wasteful spending, improve execution and resolve issues quickly.


Customer Relationship

Manage client’s feedback & complaints

It’s important to listen, to quick reply to customers, when they have a complaint or a request.

Provide 24/7 support to help them when they have some issues is a must.

Real connections with customers improve customer satisfaction, sales, and retention.


Ethics & Complaint

Compliance & Reporting Management Solution

An anonymous access to employees, partners of your corporation to report unethical behavior in confidence and without fear of retribution.

A well-managed incident and complaints intake mechanism, ethics hotline and case management solution help you uncover problems early, address them quickly and maintain a safe and ethical workplace.



Quality Control with Confidence

Mobile solution for quality and safety inspections and audits. It replaces your paper-based systems and enables you to improve your quality and safety and also save time and money.

Integrating MyQCPro quality control solution into your corporation equips your team with the tools necessary to meet expectations and deliver the quality that your customers expect.