Idea to Innovation to Best Practice

Enterprises that have a culture of innovation and efficiency will be on the constant lookout for best practices that can be propagated throughout the enterprise in order to make it optimal in all aspects.
No matter what the activities of your enterprise, the goal is to seek out those ideas found anywhere in the enterprise that exhibit fulfilment of the criteria that would identify them as candidates for Best Practice and show potential for general adoption.


Allow employees to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences, as it makes sharing best practices within an organization straightforward and easy.

3-step approach to identify good practices and sharing best practices:
1# Gather ideas
2# Identify the good one
3# Share the best
A key consideration is the Best Practice Box organize the information.
Best practices are documented and classified in a standard format, in a way that makes them easy to find. An access to a library of best practices at anytime for all employees.
Our solution is most useful where an organisation has several units or people performing similar tasks but who are widely dispersed and so do not tend to learn from each other through day­-to­-day contact.


Candidates for best practice

A focused effort must be made to go out and discover good practice wherever they may occur.

Candidates for Best Practice can be discovered in all parts of the enterprise. Employees are often in a position to see where improvements to working methods can be made or when market demands are changing.

Gather ideas

Candidates document & submit their practices

The aim at this stage is to categorise and describe the practice/idea in detail, to give enough information to allow “Reviewers” to decide whether it has a potential for best practice.

Practice template:

- Title/short descriptive Title

- Category / where is this applicable

- Description / what are the processes and steps involved?

- Resources / Photos, Video clips


Centralised resource library web platform

A web platform to manage user accounts, categories, & best practices.


  • Efficient access to organize, view, export & print your best practices

Quality content

  • Create and manage best practice categories for better efficiency

  • Assign reviewersto a specific category according to their professional experiences

  • For smaller organization only 1 reviewer can be assigned to all categories, or you can decide to pass-by the revierwer.

Unlimited access

  • Create, delete & manage user account

Connect people with people.

- Increase sales

- Identify and replace poor practices
- Decrease the learning curve for new employees
- Reduce rework and prevent “reinvention of the wheel”
- Improve company image

Sharing best practices is an effective way to encourage leadership, to improve the performance, generate growth by repeating the best ideas in an organization.