Achieve operational excellence

Achieve operational excellence by getting the right information to the right people at the right time.
With Cmystore, store-level insight always at their fingertips, retailers can spot trends, stop wasteful spending, improve execution and resolve issues quickly.
Our solution helps office, store teams communicate and collaborate smoothly.


Provide employees with access to a tool they need to be
kept informed of the operational process. Engage your store
team at all levels across all your locations.

The centralised & organised library allow your team to find the information they need, when they need it!
Share documents, procedures, employee handbook and more.
Communicate promotion instructions to every store, at regional level even at store level.
Get real-time execution performance, make sure promotions are deployed and on time. Make sure your commercial deals with brand partners are executed as planned. Access to smart photo gallery at anytime.
Main features
Browse some of the features that make Cmystore the best App to manage your in-store daily operation.
Our strengths
Digitizing of operations

Do not think that you will continue to work as you have always done. The mobile tools make it possible to centralize at one point all the information exchanges necessary for the proper functioning of the retailers. This process is inescapable as financial stakes and productivity gains are considerable. Cmystore is made for that.

Made for retailers

100% of major retailers will use an App such as Cmystore within 2 years !

The main reasons to choose Cmystore

  • Additional sales

  • Cost savings

  • Higher productivity & efficiency

  • A more fluid internal communication

  • Sharing of best practices

  • The world is digital !