Compliance and Reporting Management Solution

One critical step employers should take to combat ethical violations in the organisation is to provide employees with access to a mechanism for reporting unethical behavior in confidence and without fear of retribution


A simple, proven way to create a safe work environment.

Component of our solution will be designed under your corporate ID in your chosen language. The mobile App will be registered with your preferred name for Android & iOS system.
One mobile App dedicated to employees, partners and third parties of your corporation to report unethical behaviors. A web platform “The Complaint Manager” for your designated representative(s) in charge of ethical issues to manage cases.



access to employees, partners and third parties of your corporation to repport unethical behaviors, seek help and to request for ethics information.

Compliance and code of conduct

Code of Ethics

Compliance and Code of Conduct

The central guide and reference for employees to support day-to-day decision making.

A code encourages discussions of ethics and compliance, empowering employees to handle ethical dilemmas they encounter in everyday work.

As well for some corporation, a reference for Partners (such as suppliers) to handle ethical dilemmas they encounter in the business relation with your organization.

“The Complaints Manager”, a system in place to investigate the allegations swiftly, thoroughly and fairly

Organise, manage and treat case by case complaints and request for ethic information

Smart organisation

  • report a complaint or request for information, a new Case is created and the service in charge can immediately begin to process.
    Conversation & evidences (videos; photos; documents; audio messages) gathered via the Ethics Chat are consolidate in the Case.

Preliminary Fact-Finding

  • in complaint-handling and information-gathering techniques, tag the risk level of the new Case (determine whether the complaint / can be solve easily / has merit and warrants a more in-depth investigation).

  • additional information and evidences from the complainant who wishes to remain anonymous, this can be done by using the Ethics Chat channel.

Forward a case

  • that require a specific attention, the person in charge can forward through the web platform a Case (including evidences) to the ethics officer who is responsible for putting the wheels of the company’s investigative process in motion.

Report unethical conduct is the right thing to do…

An important factor in establishing a strong ethical culture is to provide a means for employees and partners to report ethics violations when they occur.
A standard of ethics in the workplace is something important which must be followed by every organization.


Ultimately, the method of reporting is important as long as companies encourage employees to report regarding unethical behavior in the workplace